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Dear author,

Welcome to my (sadly neglected) journal. My AO3 signup is SilverDolphin.

Thank you so much for writing a story for me, that sounds so cool and fantastic!

I would like to start by saying while the info below may be somewhat confused and badly worded, partly because I'm not great at wording skills, and partly because some of this is taken directly from previous signups since my likes/wants really don't change all that much! Apologies for any repetition, though.

While I’m not really terribly picky, I'll try to list my very favorite wants/likes for a gift fic. But if you decide to ignore them, please, consider at least to include none of my DNWs. Note that I'm happy with you writing something that you like writing, because it would mean it's a work of inspiration and for that reason it would be great. So, I don’t want you to feel forced to write my prompts at all if you don't like them or feel uncomfortable to write them.

This said, I still hope you can find here something you'd like to write about, because it's such a great experience when you write for someone who shares likes and favorites!

I'm completely happy with any rating ranging from the mildest G right up to the most explicit of explicit. Same with romantic vanilla sex or the kinkier kinky fic, I'll happily read fic ranging from zero to ten about kinkyness. Consensual, dub con and non con are all welcome, if you feel that any of those fit the ship you want to write for me, or a specific plot idea you have in your mind, go for it! Just don't turn good!guys into AU bad!guys (so, no secretly Hydra!Steve, nor Sith!Poe, that sort of thing? Please bear with me with this). Note: if there's smut my preference is that they have anal sex. Rough sex, desperate sex, awkward and clumsy, romantic, angry, the one where the bottom has already come when the intercourse happens, etc, I love them all as long as the anal sex is somewhere in the scene. I like when both the partners switch with no strict top/bottom roles (though about MCU and SW I've a soft spot for bottom Steve, but feel free to ignore, and bottom Finn - ditto).

I love every genre except for crack-fic. Romance (first times, getting together, friends or enemies to lovers are favorites of mine), happy (or at least hopeful) endings. I adore both angsty or light takes on the requested marriage tropes, where the characters are in denial about their own feelings or they are aware and marry or soul bond to the unaware other in a desperate attempt to save his life, or are blackmailed or morally forced by a third party into the marriage, etc.

In the event of Soul/Force Bond I love it when there's some kind of empathic (and/or telepathic) connection, and it's disruptive or partly unpleasant. Or unpleasant for a while, until they get used to it?

I've a soft spot for darker routes with a light at the end, darker settings or takes (there's really little that I dislike, so as long as the idea you want write is not in my DNWs, go for it), angst with happy ending, hurt, a lot of character hurt, optional but welcome comfort. But I also enjoy lighter themes and plots.

I also like what-if scenarios, plotty and long stories, characters showing instead of saying 'I love you', tough characters making themselves realistically vulnerable, competence, loyalty, codependency, reciprocal protectiveness, me-and-you-against-the-world, character going through traumatic experiences, supportive friends.

For any doubts feel free to ask questions via mod or anon commenting under this post. :)

My Do-not-wants: I've specifically only requested shippy in my signups, because Gen and pre-slash are things I'm not interested with, so please bear with me. I also don't want het, character death or bad endings, mundane and historical AUs, crossovers and fusions. Please if there's smut, make it not completely without plot (PWP). A plot of any length is welcome, but I'm not really into porn without a plot or a set up and epilogue or something? Actually I'm not generally into no-plot-whatsoever stories, like slice of life or introspection with no narrative. No Stucky please, whether foreground, background or backstory. About kinks, I don't want roleplays and spanking (other kind of impact play is fine).

General Likes/Tropes:
- ship fic
- slash
- happy or hopeful endings
- angst with happy ending
- friends to lovers/enemies to lovers/enemies to friends to lovers
- getting together fic / developing relationship
- slow burn
- first times
- ship-bonding situations
- Gay For You
- dysfunctional & mutually codependent relationships
- "saying" 'I love you' only with actions instead of words/showing feelings with sex or touch instead of words
- situations that make tough characters be/feel/act in a realistically vulnerable way
- competent characters/showing competence
- awkwardness/clumsiness
- loyalty
- trust in each other/with their lives, and hearts
- jealousy/possessiveness/protectiveness
- me-and-you-against-the-world
- on the run together
- prison fic/imprisonment together (divergent canon or AU)
- breaking out of captivity/being on the run
- identity porn (canon or canon AUs)
- characters wearing each other's clothes, accidentally or not accidentally
- futurefic/post-canon
- stranded somewhere alone but together/survival scenarios
- sex and/or cuddle for warmth
- sharing a bed/bunk
- forced intimacy situations (shaving/feeding/etc the other, bandaging his injuries, etc)
- dark fic
- dystopias
- ucronic stories
- worldbuilding
- space setting or exo-planets
- well-thought alien species (biology, culture, sexes, etc)
- interracial marriages/couplings, even with different biologies
- consensual body modification
- mpreg, accidental or wanted
- non-consensual body modification or mpreg (if it's the enemy doing that to hero)
- averting death/close calls, lingering trauma for the partner
- mission fics
- mission goes wrong &/or deal with the consequences of mission went wrong
- undercover as gay/couple/married
- I-marry-you-to-save-you-from-hurt/sentence/abusive pretender/etc
- accidental/fake/arranged marriage
- weddings
- sould bonding (accidental or wanted)
- courtship
- Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen makes them getting together
- Fuck Or Die forces them to talk about feelings/makes them getting together
- stuck in a cabin/snowed in
- hurt/comfort scenarios bringing them together
- the unhurt one bathing/shaving/bandaging/etc the injured one
- hurt/comfort (any kind of hurt)
- impairment (permanent or temporary)
- torture &/or rescue fic
- recovery fic
- rape &/or recovery process (no healing cock trope thought, please?)
- forced on drugs by enemy/getting unwanted addiction
- character helping the other addicted character during the withdrawal/recovering process or during relapses
- bonding over shared adversities/ordeals
- action scenes/hand-to-hand fights/battles
- fighting back to back while outnumbered
- fighting or training brings them to have sex (while being not a couple yet)
- war setting stories
- trench war or other kind
- post-war stories/veterans bonding over war stories
- PTSD/having to cope with traumas
- issue fic
- single characters getting outed by media or coming out of the closet
- when the outing/coming out bring the other character to talk about feelings or follows suit (comes out) in a show of support.
- interiorized homophobia or other kinds of self-hate/self-blaming behaviour about stuff they've no rational reason to feel guilty about

- any range of consensuality is fine, if it fits the character or the situation, go for it
- intercourse/anal sex (my main preference)
- rushed or insufficient preparation for penetrative sex
- desperate sex
- passionate and/or rough sex
- sparring/arguing turns into rough sex
- bad decision sex
- semi-clothed sex
- characters who think they're just having casual sex ending up desperately in love
- awkward sex, particularly if first time or virgin character is involved
- virginity/first time with a man/first time bottoming or topping/first time having sex in general
- sex in showers
- kisses
- bruise during sex
- sex while one is hurt
- Sex Post-Permanent Injury
- sex for warmth
- 'Thank God We're Alive' Sex
- Self-Sacrifice / 'take me instead' or similar scenarios
- switching with no strict top/bottom roles.
- if Dom/sub I'd prefer them not switching though
- bondage
- impact play (except for spanking) whips, cans, etc are all good
- power exchange
- no safeword use (see the bad decision sex above) - totally optional anyway
- branding
- cock cages
- wearing plugs or dildos
- wearing (symbolic or uncomfortable) toys all the day along
- wearing bruises after the sex session, or aching while sitting the day after
- other people mistaking bruises due to dom/sub sex for abuse
- sex during missions/mission gets hindered by sex drive (due to drugs or magic or love potion? or natural sex drive due to their own feelings/passion?)
- rescue sex
- sex while in prison (consensual or non)

And many others. Plot and slow burn romance/sex would be awesome, but smut with some setup and backstory is OK.

The Chronicles of Riddick Series
- Riddick/Vaako, Riddick/Vaako/Vaako

I love the setting, while I hadn't the chance to play the game, I'm familiar with all the three movies and the anime. I *adore* both Riddick and Vaako, the first an anti-hero, a man of his word who tries and (often) fails to keep everyone at arm's length, both to keep them safe and to keep himself from being hurt as he got burned too many times. And the latter, a villain with heroic qualities, idealistic to the extreme and loyal (unless he gets manipulated by his smart wife). I'm also fond of everyone showed so far in the canon.

About Dame Vaako she was cool, I'm OK with the head canon where their customs allow them to have three-way marriages or something like that (I prefer threeway relationship, so no v shaped dynamic please?). Or else if you're writing Riddick/Vaako I'm also OK if she was outsmarted and fell victim of Krone's schemes instead, dying by his betrayal? If it's so, Riddick killing him would also mean he (accidentally?) avenges her dead?

Riddick keeps losing all the people he gets close to, I'd like if your story showed that some lasting happiness is in store for him too. That means, I'd love an happy ending for my requested ship (so no Vaako's transcending, please?). After the Krone fiasco, does Vaako finally take Riddick to his native planet himself? What if Vaako got tricked by Krone the same way Riddick did, and he got abandoned half-dead on an hostile planet too, or something like that? What if when he gets back, Riddick somehow takes the precedence on Vaako's faith and his desire to transcend?

Or, maybe AU where Dame is the real head of the whole Necromonger Army, Vaako and Riddick as Lord Marshals both but also as her personal slaves/husbands/subordinates at the same time, that makes her the true leader. Tell me about this story, or how she have fun with them in bed?

Other favorite tropes and likes are hurt/comfort, close calls, fighting back to back while outnumbered, men putting complete trust in each other/trusting with their lives, and hearts, breaking out from prison together, slow burn, passionate and/or rough sex, showing feelings with sex or touch instead of words, sex and/or cuddle for warmth.

Emergency or routinely mission fic to set up a romantic plot of some kind, maybe where they get together? But if you have a different idea knock yourself out! I also love hurt/comfort. If there's smut I've no preferences about who tops and who bottoms. In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?

Or else, write your story the way you prefer it to be, I just ask you to avoid gen/pre-slash or bad ending, everything else is fine with me.

Crossover Works
- Hank | J'onn (Supergirl TV 2015)/Max (Mad Max), Clark | Superman (BvS)/ Hank | J'onn (Supergirl TV 2015)

I adore J'onn in Supergirl, and I'd love any kind of shippy story with him and Max or DCEU (or DCU actually) Clark. <3 I also happen to adore the other two characters, BTW, so feel free to focus at least of the fic on them too, if it's what you want instead. C:

About J'onn/Max, since J'onn's slow-aging, my first thought is for him having survived the WWIII or whatever caused the global catastrofe, and one day his path crosses with Max's. Does Max find his alien origin? J'onn tells him, before or after they have sex? What Max does? Does he think he's just being proved he's crazy once again (so maybe he believe J'onn's a figment of his imagination?)? How's for J'onn to have sex with humans? I'd love J'onn telepathic abilities being featured at some point in the fic, for a plot reason maybe? To find and save Max? What if he find he can soul-bond to Max? What if this could slower Max's aging, or help him heal his mental wounds? Also, bonus for sexual kink explorations? Consentacle is the first that I can think of, but you don't need to use it, anything else if fine, or a teen-rated story too.

Please check my likes/tropes list for more ideas?

About Clark/J'onn I'm fine with a similar to the above apocalyptic scenario too, or on Supergirl or DCEU canon they just meet each other and realize they could be the only persons destined to outlive everybody on Earth, so they bond on that? What if they start to feel in love with each other, despite their expectations/current lifes being an hindrance to a relationship? I'd also like for them feeling attracted to each other or falling in love and then realize they finally have a partner they don't need to be delicate without continuously fearing to hurt them? Or maybe, who they can test sexual kinks with, that their past human lovers could have never performed or taken without getting hurt, so yay? Uhm, consentacles or other kinks? Well, know yourself out with different kinks, or a teen-rated scenario of your preference. :)

Please check my likes/tropes list for more ideas?

- Rhodey/Sam, Rhodey/Steve/Sam, Rhodey/Steve, Rhodey/Steve/Tony

I've finally watched Civil War and OMG I want all the Rhodey H/C fic now, with his slow rehabilitating progress, recovery from lingering trauma scenarios, etc! \o/ This said, I'd also welcome other kind of fics, where romance is still one element of the plot.

Mission fic + get together? Undercover as couple trope, where there are embarrassing situations and/or pining to eventual admitting their feelings? Or a scenario where A/B are the eventual couple, but it's established for the mission that B/C have to pretend to be partners and A's jealousy makes him realize feelings? Feel free to be creative with the tropes/original plot, as long as there's an happy shippy ending I'm cool.

A Rhodey recovery possible prompt (feel free to edit or ignore): Character(s) of your preferred ship feel(s) guilty and responsible for the accident that left Rhodey paralysed that's why as soon as he's/they're back at Avengers HQ, he/they hang(s) around Rhodey a lot, trying to help him with the recovery/train with the walking gear, etc. Slow burn friendship to romance?

Loads of angst with happy ending, initial denial of feelings/thinking it's guilt when it's actually love, hurt/comfort, bonding situations, etc, any of it is very welcome.

tl;dr: Post-civil war, recovery fic (not fix-it) where Steve or Sam helps Rhodey to cope. Bonus: they bond/get together in the process?

War AU (dystopia or WWII or other) where they fight shoulder to shoulder and bond in the process? Protect each other? One gets hit and the other saves him?

Dystopia where Steve's a government's "property" because of signing up to the Super Soldier program 60 years earlier and Rhodey and/or Sam being military are able to take him under their protection?

They're runaways together (the other Avengers helping them out? Or no Avengers in this world?)

Secret invasion in MCU where Tony trying to capture/frame them is due to him being a Skrull imposter?

Alternate Canon: Winter Soldier Has Different Identity

Non-powered AU, Military or War setting (with no-serum Steve?)

Anything inspired on my list of likes.
I also love aside from hurt/comfort, time travel shenanigans, dystopias, identity porn, outing and angst with happy ending. Smut is welcome (though I also enjoy teen rated fics), no big preferences about who tops and who bottoms. In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?

- Rumlow/Sam

HTP fics where Rumlow acts out his revenge on Sam to ultimately hurt Steve? Also rescue & recovery stories, I really love them so much, long and angsty and with an hopeful note at the end but shorter too. \o/ Anything inspired on my list of likes that fits this "pairing" also would do. I don't expect any romance for them though.

OR I'm optionally open to romance with an AU misguided and morally grey Rumlow that doesn't take in account the Civil War movie, if that's something you were willing to explore.

Some optional kinks I enjoy for HTP fic:

- Intercourse and or spitroast with humiliation
- Sexual Slavery
- Objectification/Dehumanization
- Human Fucktoy
- Mind Break
- Urethral Play
- Inflicting Pain (as in non consensual pain play or sexual/non sexual torture)
- Causing permanent damage
- Scarring
- Permanent marking/branding (with hot-iron or similar)
- Non-Consensual Public Use (public within the hydra base, or other?)
- Finding Sex Tapes or the Rapes
- Gang Rape
- Limit Testing
- Non-Consensual Body Modification (I'm open to read anything)
- Torture (plain and 'simple' and oldfashioned torture!)
- Tentacles

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
- Finn/Poe

My fandom specific DNW are no onscreen Kilo Ren, and no Finn/Poe/Rey, Rey is great and I love her, but I'd prefer the fic being, mainly, or only, about my requested characters and pairing, and I don't ship them as a threesome.

An emergency or routinely mission fic to set up a romantic plot of some kind, maybe where they get together? Undercover as couple or other scenario from my tropes? Something where Finn's ability to wield a sworldsaber and other Force-related abilities gets explored?

Accidental force bond (no fated soulmate trope though? I like the accidental bond due to compatibility or time etc better), where unaware of the bond Finn and Poe slowly start feeling each other's thoughts, sometimes (does it increases in frequence whenever they touch or with the passing of the time?), or where they feel each other pain/discomfort/arousal/mood etc, and take a while to understand what's happening? What do they do after?

They crash-land with no way to let their friends to know where they're, and while they wait (and hope) for a rescue, they have to survive for some months or maybe all their lives for all they know, on a desert or savage planet set to kill them. Tell me this story?

If there's H/C I'm a sucker for Finn as the hurt and recovering most of all, but I also like stories where they are both hurt (or getting hurt) and support each other through (emotional and/or physical) pain. That is in Torture and/or Aftermath of Torture/Recovery; Amateur Surgery, *for example* where they are stranded and Poe needs to operate him while BB-8 or another droid is listing instructions or a medic is talking through it on the transceiver; Hurt/Comfort; Non-Consensual Body Modification, where again *for example* some of Finn's body was modified during his time as a drone, much of his body could be artificial making him more resilient in a battle but it comes with its downsides, or maybe the Prime Order has doctors removing their drones' genitals in order to make them getting not distracted by hormones, with all the angsty implications following that, or other creative ideas of yours; Rape and/or Rape Aftermath/Recovery; Slow Recovery Fic, some favorite scenarios are recovery from grave injury, where optionally could be permanent damage (blindness, loss of arm, leg, paralyses, etc) and/or emotional (like for example damage from years of conditioning to make him a First Order drone messed him up, making touch starved and wary of touch at the same time, unable to express his feelings in a normal way, etc), whereas I'm really not a fan of sick trope where the ill character has a simple cold or similar and the other one unnecessarily pampers him.

But if you have a different idea knock yourself out! I also love hurt/comfort, time travel shenanigans, dystopias, identity porn, outing and angst with happy ending. Smut is welcome (though I also enjoy teen rated fics), no preferences about who tops and who bottoms. In any event, I'd like an happy shippy ending, please?

I just really ask you to avoid: gen/pre-slash, Finn and Poe as friends or fuck-buddies with no romantic bond (unless they fall in love in the process), overly bad endings (though in the event of permanent damage scenarios it's all right whether Finn does or doesn't fully recovers, as long as no one dies and the romantic angle has an happy ending - as in they are in love and together - I'm good), character bashing, permanent friendship breakups. Everything else is fine with me.


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