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For my StormPilot Vidder/Writer...

Dear author or vidder, first of all I hope you'll have fun writing or vidding for me!

Do-not-wants: Gen or pre-slash, Finn/Poe/Rey, character death or bad endings, mundane and historical AUs, crossovers and fusions.

These are the tags I'm requesting for fics:
  • Accidental Marriage
  • Aftermath of Torture/Recovery
  • amateur surgery
  • Angst with a Happy Ending
  • Arranged Marriage
  • Bottom Finn
  • First Time
  • Huddling and Sex for Warmth
  • Hurt/Comfort
  • Imprisonment Together
  • Non-Consensual Body Modification
  • Rape
  • Rape Aftermath/Recovery
  • Slow Burn
  • Slow Recovery Fic
  • Soul Bonding as a Medical Condition
  • Time Travel Fix-It
  • Torture
  • Undercover as a Couple

Let's talk about some of the things I like read. I enjoy any rating, I also love every genre, I adore both angsty or light takes on the requested marriage tropes, where the characters are in denial about their own feelings or they are aware and marry or soul bond to the unaware other in a desperate attempt to save his life, etc. In the event of Soul/Force Bond I love it when there's some kind of empathic (and/or telepathic) connection, and it's disruptive or partly unpleasant at the beginning. . I often slightly tend to prefer darker settings or takes (there's really little that I dislike, so as long as the idea you want write is not in my DNWs, go for it), angst with happy ending, hurt, a lot of character hurt, optional but welcome comfort (I'm a sucker for Flinn as the hurt and recovering in particular, or where they support each other through pain, emotional or physical), romance (first times, getting together, friends or enemies to lovers are favorites of mine), happy (or at least hopeful) endings. 
I also like what-if scenarios, plotty and long stories, characters showing instead of saying 'I love you', tough characters making themselves realistically vulnerable, competence, loyalty, codependency, reciprocal protectiveness, me-and-you-against-the-world, character going through traumatic experiences, supportive friends. 
I need to confess about sex scenes, my preference is that they have anal sex. Rough sex, desperate sex, awkward and clumsy, romantic, angry, the one where the one on the bottom already came, etc, I love them all as long as the anal sex is somewhere in the scene. I like when both the partners switch with no strict top/bottom roles, though I've a soft spot for bottom Finn.
For many of the tags I had Finn in mind as the hurt one. That is in Torture and/or Aftermath of Torture/Recovery; Amateur Surgery, *for example* where they are stranded and Poe needs to operate him while BB-8 or another droid is listing instructions or a medic is talking through it on the transceiver; Hurt/Comfort; Non-Consensual Body Modification, where again *for example* some of Finn's body was modified during his time as a drone, much of his body could be artificial making him more resilient in a battle but it comes with its downsides, or maybe the Prime Order has doctors removing their drones' genitals in order to make them getting not distracted by hormones, with all the angsty implications following that, or other creative ideas of yours; Rape and/or Rape Aftermath/Recovery; Slow Recovery Fic, some favorite scenarios are recovery from grave injury, where optionally could be permanent damage (blindness, loss of arm, leg, paralyses, etc) and/or emotional (like for example damage from years of conditioning to make him a First Order drone messed him up, making touch starved and wary of touch at the same time, unable to express his feelings in a normal way, etc), whereas I'm really not a fan of sick trope where the ill character has a simple cold or similar and the other one unnecessarily pampers him. 
I just really ask you to avoid: gen/pre-slash, Finn and Poe as friends or fuck-buddies with no romantic bond (unless they fall in love in the process), overly bad endings (though in the event of permanent damage scenarios it's all right whether Finn does or doesn't fully recovers, as long as no one dies and the romantic angle has an happy ending - as in they are in love and together - I'm good), character bashing, permanent friendship breakups. Everything else is fine with me.
For any doubts feel free to ask questions via mod or anon commenting under this post. :)

And these are the ones for vids:
  • Accidental Marriage
  • Aliens Made Them Do It
  • Alternate Universe - Romance Novel
  • Awkward Flirting
  • Courtship
  • Huddling and Sex for Warmth
  • Imprisonment Together
  • Kidnapping
  • Slow Burn
  • Surprise Alien Biology
  • Undercover as a Couple

Sometimes while watching some vids I'm in awe about the vidder's ability of creating such different and compelling stories with (in some circumstances) so little material to go with. I don't know the first thing about vidding, and I've no idea if the tags I'm requesting are realistically doble for a vid, but I hope they are and I'd be thrilled with getting any of the requested tropes done as a storytelling vid.

I'll let to you the choice of the song because of it, though I'd prefer you'd avoid some most popular lady singers like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Anastasia and similar because their songs are too catchy and they tend to get stuck in my my head for a whole month (not kidding, sadly, Bad Romance was a particularly nasty one for my poor brain). In the event you need some song suggestions for inspiration, I like vids with energetic songs, fast beats, or the romantic ones with a funny or dramatic angle; some of the artists I enjoy are Linking Park, Imogen Heap, Florence + the Machine, Sarah McLachlan, Evanescence, Maroon 5, Domina Noctis, and many more! Also soundtracks for action, spy, comic-based or fantasy movies and series are only a few that from the top of my head, but you don't have to use my suggestions at all, I'm totally fine with any song that would fit your vid or your inspiration. :)

Any rating is welcome (bonus for kissing or sex, but again, not necessary at all! :) ), though please make it shippy and with happy ending? I'm not a fan of gen and bad endings. You're welcome use outside source if you want, like the actors playing different roles on movies or shows etc.
For any doubts feel free to ask questions via mod or anon commenting under this post. :)

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